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9 years, 9 artists, 9 seconds | Soundsphere Project

~ ~ ~ 9 years, 9 artists, 9 seconds ~ ~ ~ Soundsphere Project ☛ The Soundsphere Project gathers in the studio to celebrate 9 years of activity. 9 bottles of wine later and here’s our tribute release. Live recordings and sampling by Lala Misosniky, Miron Ghiu, Desu ExSounds, Atouck, t.quoise, Societas Arte Sacra Atelier, Breathe… Read More

Leifur James | Night and Day

Leifur James – Night and Day (Official Video) “Night and Day” is taken from L. J. debut album “A Louder Silence”, out on Late Night Tales’ artist label Night Time Stories. ☛ London-based experimental producer, composer and vocalist known for his esoteric avant-garde style. In 2018, his critically acclaimed debut album A Louder Silence was… Read More

Andrei Barbu (Atouck) @ #jesuisciprian

Andrei Barbu (Atouck) @ #jesuisciprian ☛ Andrei Barbu aka Atouck is an electronic music producer and selector based in Bucharest, Romania. He’s also the curator of the Soundsphere project, which functions as a netlabel as well as an international platform connecting artists worldwide since 2012. With 33 releases and counting, the imprint brings forward downtempo,… Read More

Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian

Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian ☛ Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) is an ambient music producer/artist and photographer from Constanta, Romania. His passion for music started since childhood when he discovered his first cassette tape player-recorder and thought how this incredible machine can create such beautiful sounds that always put him in a trance. The… Read More

Jeremy Young | “Trafic” (with Tomonari Nishikawa)

Jeremy Young “Trafic” (with Tomonari Nishikawa) ☛ Film by Tomonari Nishikawa ☛ Website From the new album, Amaro. … LP out 7 May 2021 on Thirsty Leaves Music (TLM027) ☛ North America | ☛ Europe / ROW |

Megga Dillah – Fighting Babylon [feat. Syan Lion]

Megga Dillah – Fighting Babylon [feat. Syan Lion] ☛  Music / Text: Megga Dillah // Syan Lion ☛  Backing Vocals: Federica Papapietro ☛  Instrumental: BAD MAN Riddim 2020 ☛ Producer: Alann Ulises ☛ Mix/Master: Lukinich Attila @ DSPro ☛ Raggae ….. Megga Dillah ☛  youtube | facebook | spotify yes we comin in from di roots and… Read More

Ana Maria Irimia – Lovely day

Ana Maria Irimia – Lovely day, VIDEO 📽🎶☀️ Lovely Day is an invitation to exercise Gratitude —- 🎭 ____—– Lovely TEAM 👉 Voice and Lyrics – Ana-Maria Irimia 🦉 SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook 👉 Music Production – Vali Umbra 🦉 Soundcloud | ​Instagram | Facebook 👉 Image and Production – WAKAUAKA 🦉 Instagram 👉… Read More

Her Fingers On My Heart by Arte Sacra Atelier

Her Fingers On My Heart by Arte Sacra Atelier Soundsphere Netlabel & Realistico Film present “Her Fingers On My Heart” by Arte Sacra Atelier, taken from “The Angel” EP. Arte Sacra Atelier is: Francesco Antonio Perdona: words, chants, litanies, devices, software Cherice Nichol Lucero: words, art direction, vision, clairvoyant Francesco Perdona is now focused on… Read More