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Andrei Barbu (Atouck) @ #jesuisciprian

Andrei Barbu (Atouck) @ #jesuisciprian ☛ Andrei Barbu aka Atouck is an electronic music producer and selector based in Bucharest, Romania. He’s also the curator of the Soundsphere project, which functions as a netlabel as well as an international platform connecting artists worldwide since 2012. With 33 releases and counting, the imprint brings forward downtempo,… Read More

Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian

Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian ☛ Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) is an ambient music producer/artist and photographer from Constanta, Romania. His passion for music started since childhood when he discovered his first cassette tape player-recorder and thought how this incredible machine can create such beautiful sounds that always put him in a trance. The… Read More

Jeremy Young | “Trafic” (with Tomonari Nishikawa)

Jeremy Young “Trafic” (with Tomonari Nishikawa) ☛ Film by Tomonari Nishikawa ☛ Website From the new album, Amaro. … LP out 7 May 2021 on Thirsty Leaves Music (TLM027) ☛ North America | ☛ Europe / ROW |

Megga Dillah – Fighting Babylon [feat. Syan Lion]

Megga Dillah – Fighting Babylon [feat. Syan Lion] ☛  Music / Text: Megga Dillah // Syan Lion ☛  Backing Vocals: Federica Papapietro ☛  Instrumental: BAD MAN Riddim 2020 ☛ Producer: Alann Ulises ☛ Mix/Master: Lukinich Attila @ DSPro ☛ Raggae ….. Megga Dillah ☛  youtube | facebook | spotify yes we comin in from di roots and… Read More

Ana Maria Irimia – Lovely day

Ana Maria Irimia – Lovely day, VIDEO 📽🎶☀️ Lovely Day is an invitation to exercise Gratitude —- 🎭 ____—– Lovely TEAM 👉 Voice and Lyrics – Ana-Maria Irimia 🦉 SoundCloud | Instagram | Facebook 👉 Music Production – Vali Umbra 🦉 Soundcloud | ​Instagram | Facebook 👉 Image and Production – WAKAUAKA 🦉 Instagram 👉… Read More

Her Fingers On My Heart by Arte Sacra Atelier

Her Fingers On My Heart by Arte Sacra Atelier Soundsphere Netlabel & Realistico Film present “Her Fingers On My Heart” by Arte Sacra Atelier, taken from “The Angel” EP. Arte Sacra Atelier is: Francesco Antonio Perdona: words, chants, litanies, devices, software Cherice Nichol Lucero: words, art direction, vision, clairvoyant Francesco Perdona is now focused on… Read More

Intimate by mir.ON |

Intimate by mir.ON | “ This is my second solo album, composed in Ableton Live and various granular synthesis software, all starting from field-recordings. Enjoy this trip and pay attention to the details while not blowing up your speakers. “Intimate” is a work of love, dedicated to all who supported me along the years…. Read More

Sounds of Love, Embrace it all Today

Sounds of Love, Embrace it all Today —- 🎭 ____—– 👉 Music Production by Vali Umbra 🦉 🦉 👉 Lyrics and Voice by Ana-Maria Irimia 🦉 🦉 👉 Photo by WAKAUAKA 🦉 #ValiUmbra #AnaMariaIrimia #sounds #music #Electronic #Raggae #Urban #Trip #Fresh #Gratitude #LovelyDay #Love #ResetYourMind #like #share #follow Ana Maria… Read More