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Post-Muzica_47: Lala Misosniky

Post-Muzica_47: Lala Misosniky Rezidența BRD Scena9 ☛ Facebook | Sound Cloud | Instagram ☛ Youtube clip ☛ Lala Misosniky actrice, performer & sound artist L. M. is a performance and sonic artist who has been active in the Romanian and international independent artistic sphere since 2008 when she graduated in Theatre and Performing Arts… Read More

Andrei Barbu (Atouck) @ #jesuisciprian

Andrei Barbu (Atouck) @ #jesuisciprian ☛ Andrei Barbu aka Atouck is an electronic music producer and selector based in Bucharest, Romania. He’s also the curator of the Soundsphere project, which functions as a netlabel as well as an international platform connecting artists worldwide since 2012. With 33 releases and counting, the imprint brings forward downtempo,… Read More

Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian

Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian ☛ Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) is an ambient music producer/artist and photographer from Constanta, Romania. His passion for music started since childhood when he discovered his first cassette tape player-recorder and thought how this incredible machine can create such beautiful sounds that always put him in a trance. The… Read More

Vernisaj Dumitru Macovei @ Biblioteca Metropolitana Bucuresti

Vernisaj Dumitru Macovei @ Biblioteca Metropolitana Bucuresti | 22 Septembrie – 23 Octombrie 2020, 06:00 PM, Biblioteca Metropolitana Bucuresti (Sos. Mihai Bravu, nr. 4, Sector 2, Romania) Biblioteca Metropolitana Bucuresti anunta deschiderea unei impresionante expozitii de pictura, intitulata „Memorii elective”, avandu-l ca semnatar pe artistul plastic Dumitru Macovei, marti, 22 septembrie, de la ora 18:00,… Read More

Omul Spin @ #jesuisciprian

Omul Spin este un Dj/Producator Jungle/Drum and bass din Romania. Cariera de DJ o incepe in anul 2009, sub numele de DragosF, apoi dupa o pauza de 2 ani revine pe scena sub numele de Omul Spin in 2016. Din octombrie 2017 este DJ in cadrul radioului Sub FM(Londra), actualmente fiind singurul DJ roman din… Read More