Nicolae by Mihai Grecu – Documentary

Nicolae by Mihai Grecu – Documentary

“The late dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, who died in 1989, resurrects in 2021 as a hologram to address the contemporary inhabitants of a small Romanian village. What happens next is captured in a hybrid documentary, observing the effects this unusual encounter has on the people involved, many of whom are first-hand witnesses of Ceaușescu’s rule.

Mihai Grecu’s thought-provoking documentary challenges the viewer with a post-truth era experiment with the frightening artifice of the dictator as catalyst. The reactions it generates reveal a great deal about how the people of the village of Rahau – where Grecu grew up – see current politics and how they relate to democracy in general. Nicolae provides an uneasy reflection on the possible effects of a technology, which is already being used for political ends and propaganda, but which we will certainly only see more of in years to come.” source:

☛ Director: Mihai Grecu
☛ Country of production: France
☛ Production Year: 2022
☛ Festival Edition: P&I Selection 2022
☛ Length: 45′
☛ Medium: DCP
☛ Language: Romanian
☛ Producer: François Martin Saint Léon
☛ Production Company: Barberousse Films
☛ Sales: Barberousse Films
☛ Cinematography: George Chiper
☛ Editor: Alexandru Radu
☛ Sound Design: Clément Maleo

Nicolae by Mihai Grecu – Documentary
Nicolae by Mihai Grecu – Documentary

About Mihai GRECU

☛ Mihai GRECU (1981, Romania) is an artist and filmmaker. He studied art and design in Romania and France, and continued his artistic research at the Fresnoy Studio of Contemporary Arts. Recurring topics such as environmental crisis, political allegories, new technologies and catastrophes articulate the whole of his exploration of mysterious and subconscious beginnings. These visual and poetic trips mix several techniques and may be seen as propositions for a new dream-oriented technology. Grecu’s work has been shown and awarded in numerous exhibitions and film festivals in Tribeca, Locarno, Rotterdam, Festival of New Cinema in Montreal and other places. Nicolae, world premiere at IFFR 2022, is a creative documentary in which the late Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceaușescu, who died in 1989, is recreated as a hologram and projected in today’s Romania.

Iridium (2006), Unlith (2007), Coagulate (2008), Centipede Sun (2010), We’ll Become Oil (2011), Glucose (2012), The Reflection of Power (2015), Saturnism (2020), Nicolae (2022, doc)

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