COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE MASTERCLASS with Michele Modesto Casarin and Claudio Colombo

Commedia dell’Arte Masterclass

☛ With Michele Modesto Casarin and Claudio Colombo
☛ 8-12 august 2021

Alla scoperta della mia maschera

BREASLA ACTORILOR organizes between the 8th and 12 of August 2021 a Commedia dell’Arte masterclass, held by Michele Modesto Casarin – an internationally recognized mask theater expert, director, pedagogue and actor – assisted by Claudio Colombo – actor, mask maker, and an expert in physical theater.

The masterclass will take place in Bucharest, lasting 5 days (August 8 – 12), on Sunday between 13:00 – 19:00 and Monday through Thursday between 10:00 – 17:00, and it is meant for both professional actors, as well as those who want to improve their technique and body expression

At the same time, the event represents a good opportunity to be selected in a commedia dell’arte show staged by Michele Modesto Casarin and Massimiliano Nugnes in 2022.

Commedia dell’Arte, the traditional Italian theater, is the root of European and contemporary theater, the first example of theater as a profession, being popular and cult theater at the same time.
Why approach the world of Commedia dell’Arte?
Because through its techniques you learn and improve your flexibility, sense of rhythm and ability to improvise. It is undoubtedly one of the best forms of training for actors who approach different theatrical genres, even those seemingly distant from Commedia.

The mask, covering the facial expression, forces the actor to find the perfect physical involvement and to amplify his gestures, exploring and expanding the truth of the body and discovering its authenticity.
Movement analysis and Improvisation are the two directions which the masterclass will follow, starting from the discovery of the mask as an expressive tool, studying its movement in space, approaching the plays as the source for creative madness for the actor, investigating the urgency and the force of each action and studying lazzi.

One of the focal points will be the movements, stylization, and complex world of the masks inside a commedia – type play. Parallels will be created between the stories and characters of the Commedia dell’Arte and the stories and characters of classical theater, in order to strengthen the expressive power of the performers through the technique of the dell’Arte comics. Each mask has a precise path in search of a body, a voice and extra-ordinary gestures.

The final results of this masterclass will be acquiring the indispensable tools to “trace” those codes of expression, essential in building the improvisations experienced by our characters.

• physical training that improves body movement in space;
• physical training of motor skills prior to the use of masks: breathing, center-periphery connection, head-pelvis;
• basic techniques for mask interpretation;
• physical training and rhythmic, physical, vocal and intonation exercises;
• “reading” the mask – recognition of focal points;
• work focused on space presence, spatial rhythm and movement, rhythm of entering and exiting a scene;
• creating and developing your own character;
• historical stylization of masks (Arlecchino, Zanni, Pantalone, Brighella, Dottore, Capitano): movements, gestures and specific interpretation of each character;
• mask improvisation, participants doing short scenes between different masks;
• the creation and structure of improvisation: towards the construction of a commedia play.

Director, actor and Commedia dell’Arte teacher. He studied with important figures of national and international theater, such as Carlo Boso, Eugenio Allegri, Enrico Bonavera, Stefano Perocco di Meduna A. Vasiliev, E. Montanari and M. Martinelli, C. Ronconi, P. Maccarinelli …
In ’95 he was a founding member of the Pantakin theater company, becoming one of its artistic directors. Over the years, he dedicated himself more and more to directing, developing his own way of experimenting through a mask, which he applied to pedagogy.
He directs numerous shows, including “Il Corvo”, a fairytale in masks, which received the prized Agis “Leoncino d’oro” award for best performance at the 38th La Biennale di Venezia International Theater Festival; “The Last House” (dramaturgy by Tiziano Scarpa), which in 2007, also at the La Biennale Festival, received the “Who is on stage” award for the best adaptation of a Goldonian text; Villan People, the usual misfortune that won him the Fersen Award for directing in 2014.

From 2007 to 2016 he had a collaboration with the Masca Theater in Bucharest, for which he directed 7 shows, being praised both by the public and the critics. As part of the European project “Shakespeare in and beyond the Ghetto”, he directs an international workshop, and at the end, he directs “The Wild Hunt”, a show based on Titus Andronicus for the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgoviște. In 2018 he directed “The Love of the Three Oranges” at the Stela Popescu Theater in Bucharest and the show “The Siege of Venice” at the “Tudor Vianu” Theater in Giurgiu.
He is also a professor of Commedia dell’Arte at the Stabile delle Marche Theater School in Ancona (2000-2012), and in 2007 he was one of the founders of the Accademia Teatrale Veneta, where he is also a teacher. In 2017 he joined the teachers of the Accademia da Ponte di Vittorio Veneto. In 2018 he started working with UNATC „I. L. Caragiale ”from Bucharest, teaching Master of Pedagogy and becoming a member of the Scientific Committee of the University. He leads workshops and shows in Italy and in different countries of the world.

Access to the Masterclass is private and the number of seats is limited to 20 participants.

Universul Palace, Str. Ion Brezoianu 23-25, 010131 Bucharest

750 lei – until July 31, 2021
900 lei – until August 8, 2021

Schedule will be as follows:
Sunday, August 8: 1:00 to 7:00 p.m.
Monday-Thursday | August 9 – 12: 10:00 – 17:00; with a maximum break of one hour.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to the account RO36 RZBR 0000 0600 1726 4581, Raiffeisen Bank SA – S.C. BREASLA ACTORILOR S.R.L. with the words “masterclass access”.

For registrations and other informations, please contact us at or at the phone number 0729.669.714.

With appreciation,
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COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE MASTERCLASS with Michele Modesto Casarin and Claudio Colombo
COMMEDIA DELL’ARTE MASTERCLASS with Michele Modesto Casarin and Claudio Colombo
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