Pudendum femininum @ Alert studio

Pudendum femininum @ Alert studio

| 7 PM – 10 PM, 23 July 2020 Alert studio (2-4 Mircea Vulcanescu Street, 010821 Bucharest, Romania)

Women enjoy attention, which often comes from a somehow op insecure self“- comments derived from a conversation with a psychotherapist. Men are obviously fine and at ease with themselves and their nature, they don’t need attention and validation. “Boys don’t cry.”

(Re) analyzing their own Eros, their sexuality and/ or non-fulfillment, calm, luxury or poverty, the voluptuousness of their own feelings, the thirteen artists ritually revisit the archetype, the eternal theme of the Psyche / erotica through a women, feminine, feminist lens.

The centuries-long condemned autoeroticism, rigid almost conceptual eroticism, reflexive eroticism, the sensuality of the vine out of which the nymphs- Bacchus’s sinners- were born, the penises, their lengths and championships, intersexes under Hermes and Aphrodite’s wing, egotism, BDSM, alterity, fantasy story and collage, rottenness, shamelessness. The questions could be: what is beautiful, what is right and what is chic? What is desirable? The social context, #metoo, “balance ton porc!”, Academic feminism, protesting feminism have been putting names on frustrations, on the long-extended patience! What else can be put out there after the Song of Songs?! Disinhibition, shamelessness or denial, gang bang, Alpha she-wolf or the pair of Imperial penguins because… anything is allowed (is it?). Do we fully assume our feelings, our fantasies, can we be fountain woman, unicorn, transgender, survivor, ugly, fat, libidinous, anorexic, bored, or weak and lacking in courage (balls)?

The (b) ovarian ladies use aromatic vinegar and salts on embroidered handkerchiefs. The evening star (Hesperus, Lucifer, the Evening Star-Venus planet) is the symbol of romance: eromance for girls, Labia. Female phthisis, tea corner, anal sex, hardcore, a scent of disease floats in the air, strangles our vanity and the commonplace, the pheromones, magnificent secretions; it all happens on a Thursday afternoon when it’s too h. Will the three bad hours be a spell?

We constantly learn what is allowed and what isn’t, what is vulgar and what is soft, woe to joy, woe to enthusiasm, woe to the overflow of energy! She’s too voluntary. She is (almost) non-binary, her sexuality is fulfilled, but she lacks the flame, vaginismus, frigidity, impotence, sex, revenge porn, genital mutilation of women, infibulation, her shorts that are too short, and through it all, the glow of the Covid 19 summer evening. Diligence, serrated wheel, steam engine traction, sex on the walls, on velvet, in the sky, on the Milky Way, in a black hole the words are golden, frame no frame, will, abandonment, Greek beach with sheep bringing back the time of Odysseus caught in the sight of Polyphemus, Penelope’s eternal wait, Venus of Willendorf and again the feminine feelings and woe our failures! Mount Venus, Aphrodite’s Mons, “Venus and Madonna”, self-satisfaction on the clouds, dildos and masks, sounds, outlines, scissor women, cunnilingus, fist f *, drawings with notes floating through parallel spaces then the ones of the museum. All these dances are performed by Ana, Anca, Angela, Beatrice, Cristina, Elena, Lumi, Magdalena, Mirela, Nona, Raluca, Sabina, Selma.

“There is no way to make a drawing – there is only drawing,” says Richard Serra in an interview. Drawing ceased to function under the dictatorship of its unique, traditionalist conventions: the sketch became independent medium of artistic representation. If in the traditional drawing it is not the process of creation who was interesting, the sensitivity of our post-truth contemporaneity draws the attention to conceptual ensembles and assemblages in space, other than the one of the gallery or the museum. In real life. My call to express our thoughts, emotions, ideas through drawingeros has been answered by my tribe sisters: Ana Chiorean, Anca Boeriu, Angela Bontaș, Beatrice Anghelache, Cristina Iacob, Elena Andrei, Lumi Mihai, Magdalena Pelmus, Mirela Traistaru, Nona Șerbănescu, Sabina Ulubeanu, Selma Dragoș. I thank all.

Raluca Ilaria Demetrescu

Please keep the safety rules when visiting the exhibition! | Not recommended for children under 18!

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Pudendum femininum @ Alert studio | 7 PM – 10 PM, 23 July 2020 Alert studio (2-4 Mircea Vulcanescu Street, 010821 Bucharest, Romania)
Pudendum femininum @ Alert studio
| 7 PM – 10 PM, 23 July 2020 Alert studio (2-4 Mircea Vulcanescu Street, 010821 Bucharest, Romania)
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