Beyond the Static by Various Artists |

Beyond the Static by Various Artists |

🎙️🦉 Andrei Barbu, Mihail Tunaru, Dan Bărbulescu, Lala Misosniky, Ana-Maria Irimia, Masashi Yamada, Sergent Noise, Francesco Antonio Perdona, Maia Serbanescu, Rostyslav Kuzyk, Boboc Gabriel, Alina Usurelu, Miron Ghiu

Beyond the Static” brings together artists from Romania, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Ukraine who explore the twisting combinations between ambient, drone and experimental music with contemporary literature and poetry. Their deepest thoughts or pure emotions are carefully combined into a spiralling musical manifesto focused on themes which reflect upon life, death and everything in between or beyond.

Here, language and music are merely tools used by the authors, performers and producers to freely express themselves, creating vivid dioramas of their inner or outer worlds. Signed by the project’s curator, the artwork blends symbolism with various graphic elements in reference to all the tracks.

☛ Executive Producer: Andrei Barbu
☛ Associate Producer: Mihail Tunaru
☛ Mixing & Mastering: Dan Bărbulescu

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Romanian electronic music netlabel releasing a sample pack based Various Artists compilation series and also independent EPs and LPs from artists we like and support.


Beyond the Static by Various Artists |
Beyond the Static by Various Artists |
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