Ioana Iorgu – Snake

Ioana Iorgu – Snake

☛ Recorded, produced & mixed by: Ioana Iorgu
☛ Mastered by: Michiel Cornelisse at Blaisdell Studio.
☛ Dancer: Rosie Reith
☛ Video & edit: Ioana Iorgu

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Snakes hang from trees
Slide onto my shoulder
Wrap yourself around my neck like a scarf
Tie it well
Fire ants encircle me
Dig a world under my feet
This quicksand feels like bleach
Take me home, keep me weak
Dirty fangs
Hiss in my ear
Chasing comfort, trapped in a wheel
Slugs are impressed
Live with no regrets
Moving backwards with every step forward

Ioana is as an independent music producer, a self-taught guitarist and drummer. With chaos as an agent of comfort, there is a stinging desire for change. Ioana Iorgu’s music catches glimpses of the ordinary life, anxiety, grief, bitterness and anger in a rather satirical manner. The songs’ heavy primal instrumentation reveals unvarnished emotions and unspoken thoughts, directly contrasting Ioana’s often dissociative tone, creating an intimate yet crushing feeling. Time is mean in her latest album, Mean Time. Yearning for the future. In the meantime, let’s just watch the world spin for a minute.

Ioana Iorgu - Snake
Ioana Iorgu – Snake
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