Daniel Dorobanțu & Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. Releases New Pulse-Pounding Single “Chip de Tăcere”

Daniel Dorobanțu & Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. Releases New Pulse-Pounding Single “Chip de Tăcere”

Atmospheric sounds, cosmic energy, and dynamic and detailed textures are the key ingredients for any Daniel Dorobanțu record. While Dorobantu has always provided his listeners with Ambiental, pulse-pounding music, he has made his musical journey one of transcendence. The Romanian artist teams up with Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. for a new, more complex version of the song ‘Chip de Tăcere,’ taken from the album “Veșnicii.”

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More than fitting into one genre, his work is about ideas. And by moving beyond genre convention, he has been able to create stunning compositions. On ‘Chip de Tăcere,’ Daniel Dorobanțu follows up on the same atmospheric, spiritual odyssey that underpinned his style. But a new bright world is revealed once you hear Mircea’s cimbalon.

According to Daniel Dorobanțu, each song on “Veșnicii” album express the contemplative exploration of the notion of eternity. “After the album was released, I started to invite other musicians to do the same with me. The first to answer was Maria Hojda, and we released a new version of a track that she chose, ‘Înflorirea De Lumini.’ Then Mircea wished for this track, and here we are,” he adds.

Daniel Dorobanțu & Mircea Ardeleanu Jr.
Daniel Dorobanțu & Mircea Ardeleanu Jr.

Sonically, ‘Chip de Tăcere’ is now doubled in length, so Mircea had more space to explore and express. “Then he created five cimbalom tracks, all of them freely improvised. I edited these tracks, and the results were another three cimbalom tracks that were in great harmony with the album vision. One of those three tracks was more musical than the others and can be heard in the final mix as it was. The other two were processed with a newly released experimental AI software that can transform some acoustic instruments into other acoustic instruments, an oboe, into a flute, for example. The AI was not trained on cimbalom, so, naturally, the results were pretty unexpected and original to me. Then I went into the studio where Attila Lukinich mixed everything so that the result was a natural part of the sonic landscape of the “Veșnicii” album,” Dorobanțu reckons.

Conceptually, ‘Chip de Tăcere’ is the expression of three different explorations of the same landscape: Daniel’s, Mircea’s, and Attila’s (mixing and mastering). It’s in the instrumentals, electronics, and in the subject matter: expression of the contemplative and intuitive exploration of the notion of eternity. Of course, Dorobanțu’s fans know his ability to create a musical mosaic with transcendental characters that provide cosmic, infinite perspectives. The fact that Daniel Dorobanțu and Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. complete each other perfectly is a true testament to their intelligence to craft honest, universal music.


☛ Electronics, production & video: Daniel Dorobanțu
☛ Cimbalom: Mircea Ardeleanu Jr.
☛ Mixing & mastering: Attila Lukinich | DSPro

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