Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian

Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian

☛ Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) is an ambient music producer/artist and photographer from Constanta, Romania. His passion for music started since childhood when he discovered his first cassette tape player-recorder and thought how this incredible machine can create such beautiful sounds that always put him in a trance. The machine ended up like a Frankenstein being taken apart in pieces connected to other machines and speaker boxes made by himself, still functioning but the mystery wasn’t solved. These events in fact took him further for a life journey to understand why we can perceive anything at all, the mystery of consciousness, sparking interests in him in physics, metaphysics and psychedelics.

His inspiration in music has been classic electronic music videos, film soundtracks and ambient music. His favorite influence is Brian Eno which he considers the godfather of ambient music, the one who basically coining the term “ambient music” in the mid-1970s. Mihail as a musician started experimenting by himself recording on tapes and later moving to software like Fruity Loops and Ableton Live which he uses extensively at this moment.

As music producer, sound designer Mihail Tunaru has been active under the name “Electronic Emotions” on Soundsphere.ro music netlabel since 2013, having many appearances in various artists compilations and two important LP releases “Aural Trip” in 2016, an album about nature sound explorations which got nominated at Schallwelle Awards, Germany and “Numinous” in 2019 where he has created a unique sonic landscape inspired by his psychedelic experiences with LSD. The latest project he got involved as associate producer is “Beyond the Static” a musical manifesto which Electronicbeats.ro put it to be in the top 20 releases of 2020. Besides that he also released an independent music album entitled “Notes” in 2019 dedicated to his favorite instrument, the piano.

Being a visually focused person another one of his passion is photography because helps him understand and explore in new ways time, forms and colors. Professionally he did photography and videography for Dakini Festival from 2017 to 2019. His exploration in visual arts actually started with painting in childhood where one of his works got selected for an exhibition in Japan.

Mihail thinks art is necessary for evolving the human spirit and is the best way to express emotions and getting closer to that mystery of consciousness. He thinks art, music also has power to heal mental traumas combined with psychedelics in a therapeutic way.

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Electronic Emotions Ambientwaves 06 Mix

☛ Tracklist
01.Electronic Emotions – Meta
02.Electronic Emotions – Black Sea
03.Electronic Emotions – Enjoying Life
04.Eluvium – Ceaseless Sea
05.Eluvium – Return To Debris
06.Electronic Emotions – A Moment Of Bliss
07.Bemused – When we were young
08.Bemused – A distant summer’s day
09.Electronic Emotions – Aural Trip
10.Ishq – Yu
11.Ishq – Leaf
12.Ishq – Aphrodite
13.Bemused – In love
14.Constance Demby – The Dawning
15.Daniel Dorobantu – Isvoare de Senin
16.Daniel Dorobantu – Fulgerului viu
17.Electronic Emotions – Astral Plane
18.Daniel Dorobantu – Cu ochi de stele
19.Eternell – Still Light
20.Eternell – Puja
21.Electronic Emotions – Eschaton

Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian
Mihail Tunaru (Electronic Emotions) @ #jesuisciprian
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