Negative CORE Project – The Frowning Man || official lyric

Negative CORE Project – The Frowning Man || official lyric

This song explores the depths of personal struggles and the pain of feeling lost and trapped within one’s own mind. “The Frowning Man” is an introspective journey that aims to shed light on the internal battles many of us face.

Please note that this song addresses sensitive topics such as self-harm and emotional turmoil. Our intention is to offer solace and empathy to those who may relate to these experiences. We believe it’s crucial to foster an environment of support and understanding. If you or someone you know is struggling, please reach out to a trusted friend, family member, or seek professional help.Negative CORE Project

☛ Lyrics
Walking backwards, trying to reset
Stitching many wounds from the needles that I fucked
Always falling behind, questioning the fall
And every answer ends with a knife in my hands

I’ll sleep where birds die – don’t bury me
I’ll eat what’s left of myself – I do not bleed
I’ll drink myself for real – I do not speak, I’ll hear
Then I’d see myself and kill myself
Quick! I’m walking barefoot
Painfully absorbing the fumes of my on Hell
A guilty conscience grieving slow motion
Where am I supposed to – hide away?

The changing posture for rejection fits well
The frowning man I have become
Endless words bare no connection
A shaking jaw, shaking scared
I’d cut this face off, eat the skin
Release the cancer, really feel the wind blow

Death to the weakest one
I’ll be dancing with the flames
A wicked promise made
In the comfort of shame
Death to the wicked one, dance with me
Sway to the voice that melts, sway

Faster down the rabbit hole
Control the outcome, entangle or let go
Indulge in panting and suffocate the core
Cause each time I fall behind I cut a little more and
Each time I rise I feel I’m weaker then before and
Each time I think I’m out, I open the same door.


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