SOULx3000 feat. Tina Džankić | Još ne sviće rujna zora

SOULx3000 feat. Tina Džankić | Još ne sviće rujna zora (The dawn has not yet broken)

☛ Music: Todor Tadić, Marko Ćaćić, Nikola Rajović
☛ Arrangement: Marko Ćaćić, Todor Tadić, Nikola Rajović
☛ Text: Tradicional
☛ Vocal: Tina Džankić
☛ Studio: Knowhere2run
☛ Mix and master: Knowhere2run

☛ Cover art: Adela Zejnilović
☛ Photography: Nebojša Medo Perković
☛ Video: Ivan Mandić

Executive production and coordination of the project: Nikola Rajović

The latest version of the cult Balkan traditional “Još ne sviće rujna zora – The dawn has not yet broken” has just been released by the Beats per Montenegro label. This is the result of the workshop “Tradition reimagined”, which brought together local musicians with the aim of exploring this traditional song and reinterpreting it in a modern context. As a result, we have a “synth-pop-soul” track, which gives the term “Balkan soul” a special dimension.

SOULx3000 is a group of musicians and producers created on the initiative of producer and DJ Nikola Rajović from Podgorica, a pioneer of hip-hop in Montenegro and a long-time creator and manager in the field of pop culture.

In addition to Nikola, the music and arrangements are also signed by Todor Tadić and Marko Ćaćić, the team behind the Podgorica “Knowhere2Run” studio, where the track itself was created and produced. The vocal parts were handled by Tina Džankić, one of the best Montenegrin interpreters, who contributed to this version with a warm and unique voice. The diversity of project participants and their different musical experiences have developed a unique blend of traditional and contemporary music through experimentation with various instruments and musical styles, through a creative atmosphere in the studio. The video of this song was in charge of the MediaTag studio team headed by Ivan Mandić, who completed this audio-visual release with shots of some of the most beautiful locations in Montenegro from the air.

SOULx3000 feat. Tina Džankić
SOULx3000 feat. Tina Džankić

The project “SOULx3000 – Tradition reimagined workshop” is supported by MOST Music. MOST Music is a complex European strategy for Balkan world music, supported by Creative Europe, the European Commission’s framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors.

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