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InSSomnia by mir.ON |

InSSomnia by mir.ON | ((( 🔮 ))) InSSomnia / Sounds for sleepless nights. Miron Ghiu aka mir.ON returns to Soundsphere with a new LP. Grainy drones, vivid textures and hypnotic ambient soundscapes. Nighttime sonic affairs. Sounds for sleepless nights. Artwork by Anais Ghiu-Caia. Mastering by Dan Barbulescu. 🌊 #ambientwaves Soundcloud mir.ON InSSomnia by mir.ON… Read More

9 years, 9 artists, 9 seconds | Soundsphere Project

~ ~ ~ 9 years, 9 artists, 9 seconds ~ ~ ~ Soundsphere Project ☛ The Soundsphere Project gathers in the studio to celebrate 9 years of activity. 9 bottles of wine later and here’s our tribute release. Live recordings and sampling by Lala Misosniky, Miron Ghiu, Desu ExSounds, Atouck, t.quoise, Societas Arte Sacra Atelier, Breathe… Read More

Intimate by mir.ON |

Intimate by mir.ON | “ This is my second solo album, composed in Ableton Live and various granular synthesis software, all starting from field-recordings. Enjoy this trip and pay attention to the details while not blowing up your speakers. “Intimate” is a work of love, dedicated to all who supported me along the years…. Read More

Beyond the Static by Various Artists |

Beyond the Static by Various Artists | 🎙️🦉 Andrei Barbu, Mihail Tunaru, Dan Bărbulescu, Lala Misosniky, Ana-Maria Irimia, Masashi Yamada, Sergent Noise, Francesco Antonio Perdona, Maia Serbanescu, Rostyslav Kuzyk, Boboc Gabriel, Alina Usurelu, Miron Ghiu “Beyond the Static” brings together artists from Romania, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Ukraine… Read More