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Andrei Barbu (Atouck) @ #jesuisciprian

Andrei Barbu (Atouck) @ #jesuisciprian ☛ Andrei Barbu aka Atouck is an electronic music producer and selector based in Bucharest, Romania. He’s also the curator of the Soundsphere project, which functions as a netlabel as well as an international platform connecting artists worldwide since 2012. With 33 releases and counting, the imprint brings forward downtempo,… Read More

Her Fingers On My Heart by Arte Sacra Atelier

Her Fingers On My Heart by Arte Sacra Atelier Soundsphere Netlabel & Realistico Film present “Her Fingers On My Heart” by Arte Sacra Atelier, taken from “The Angel” EP. Arte Sacra Atelier is: Francesco Antonio Perdona: words, chants, litanies, devices, software Cherice Nichol Lucero: words, art direction, vision, clairvoyant Francesco Perdona is now focused on… Read More

Intimate by mir.ON |

Intimate by mir.ON | “ This is my second solo album, composed in Ableton Live and various granular synthesis software, all starting from field-recordings. Enjoy this trip and pay attention to the details while not blowing up your speakers. “Intimate” is a work of love, dedicated to all who supported me along the years…. Read More

A moment from “Teatru sub luna” festival 2020

A moment from “Teatru sub luna” festival 2020

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👉Event | “Teatru sub luna” Festival, 6th edition.
👉 Artist |
🦉 Ana-Maria Irimia 👉 Facebook  | Youtube |
🦉 Andrei Barbu 👉 Atouck ( | SoundcloudBandcamp
🦉 Ciprian George Purcaru (#jesuisciprian) 👉 Website | Facebook | Youtube

👉 Music | Atouck/Andrei Barbu – Zorii Zilei ( |
👉 Video | Ana-Maria Irimia

Bucharest /// |\\ 2020

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Beyond the Static by Various Artists |

Beyond the Static by Various Artists | 🎙️🦉 Andrei Barbu, Mihail Tunaru, Dan Bărbulescu, Lala Misosniky, Ana-Maria Irimia, Masashi Yamada, Sergent Noise, Francesco Antonio Perdona, Maia Serbanescu, Rostyslav Kuzyk, Boboc Gabriel, Alina Usurelu, Miron Ghiu “Beyond the Static” brings together artists from Romania, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Ukraine… Read More