My body is a soldier (live act) by Alina Usurelu @ Ambient Waves 2021

My body is a soldier (live act) by Alina Usurelu @ Ambient Waves 2021

| 14 August 2021, ALTelier (Strada Știrbei Vodă 138, București 010119)

☛ Event | Ambientwaves #06 w. Soundsphere Crew
☛ Artist 🦉 Alina Usurelu | Voice and Lyrics ☛ Instagram | Facebook | Website
☛ Video ☛ Ciprian George Purcaru | #jesuisciprian

Lyrics 🖣

My body is a soldier
A tough soldier
His muscles contain the emotional instabilities of the others
And it provokes my emotional instabilities in relation with the others
My insecurities are blocked inside my organs
I stay straight and hard and cold for myself
But for how long?
I am fluid and flexible and warm for the others
But for how long?
My morality is ambiguously questioned by the conditions imposed by the others
I collect bullets of rebound insecurities
I refuse to be a victim
I find myself in a soldier body
I find myself in the docile body
My blood is boiling in anger and revenge
I poor water to heal myself
But I heal myself to be able to heal the others
I live with this constant duality inside my body
I am tired of these negotiations
They reveal the loops, the patterns and the layers that I am subordinated to
I breath to make space in between my muscles
I breath to create a bigger space inside my body
I breath to be able to contain me,
the history of my identity,
the stories told by the others,
the memories of all the people that I have met,
the memories that are transformed into fictions through time,
through the conditions and the experiences of the now
My body is a solder but wants to be a fairy with balls
My body wants to get out and express itself without any conditions
It wants to express itself without carrying the heaviness of the humankind history
Can I be naked without being judged?

☛ About artist:

Visual artist. performer. cultural manager. co-founder of Developing Art Association

In the past six years I have been working with photography, video and sound tools to discover the various relationships forming between body, space, movement and image, developing frameworks for artists coming from various backgrounds (painting, choreography, architecture, psychology, etc.) to research and create new forms of expression. Being immersed in an artistic network while working at the National Dance Center in Bucharest enabled me to pay attention to the practices of different artists and integrate them in projects like Up Stairs and Exposing Movement, questioning the way they react and interact with each other. Therefore, photography and video-making are the mediums which allow me to create and constructively connect to the contemporary collective, looking for ways to understand and express the mutual relationships that shape and influence interactions.

In 2019 I have added and extra layer, the creation with my body, and I became a performer after I did an intensive performing arts program – PACAP 3 – Advanced Program in Performing Arts, Lisbon – Foruma Danca, where I have created my first solo, a one-to-one performative installation: The story of a little girl who … Since then I have performed in and co-created several performances: Passada- Choeque de Monstrox (co-created with Acaua El Bandido, Diego Bagagal & Samara Azevedo – Culturgest, Lisbon), Simple Plăceri by Cosmin Manolescu and See you soon (co-created with Cristina Lilienfeld – PerfocraZe International Artist Residency, Kumasi, Ghana).

The experience in the contemporary dance field shaped my artistic practice and enhanced my need to discover and explore different cultural spheres.

I believe that it is necessary for an artist to develop multilaterally in order to explore the self and the connectivity characterizing our world. If one’s perception is confined to their own subjectivity, entrenched in the mundane reality of daily struggle, one cannot observe and investigate the complex realities of our interconnected, but deeply divided world.Alina Usurelu

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